• We have over 30 years’ experience in investment casting, also known as lost-wax casting, precision casting. Leading manufactures across a wide range of industries trust YYU as the professional casting company that will meet their specifications on time and on the fair price.

Rapid Casting

Rapid prototyping technology combined with traditional casting, forming a rapid casting technology, its basic principle is to use rapid prototyping direct or indirect manufacture of Foundry mold, polystyrene mold die, templates, casting, core or shell, and combined with traditional casting, rapid manufacturing metallic parts.

Application of rapid prototyping in precision casting

Rapid prototyping and manufacturing high speed, low cost, able to produce complex parts and eliminate defects in advance, while the cast is almost any kind of metal, with no limits on shape, size and low cost. Both applications can maximize the advantages. Sand casting, metal casting, die casting, plaster mold casting, investment casting and EPC, can be combined with rapid prototyping technology.

Rapid casting technology

  • To shorten the production cycle and reduce costs.

  • For precision casting.

  • In the new, smaller varieties, with free-form surfaces, such as small and medium casting production has an obvious advantage.

Implementation scheme

  • SLA Prototyping rapid manufacturing parts;

  • SLS Rapid prototype manufacturing of metallic parts;

  • 3DP Shell direct rapid manufacturing parts;

About YYU

  • YYU (Lianyungang Yuanyu Metal Production Co., Ltd.) ,a wholly Taiwan funded enterprise, established in 2010 with a registered capital of USD 2.6 million. Mr. Wu Zhengkuan, the founder of Yuanyu, has 30 years experience in lost wax casting industry since 1985 when he was in Taiwan Xiezhun Company.

  • The company is located in the Economic Development Area in Guannan, Lianyugang City of Jiangsu Province. It covers an area of 32,000 square meters and has 200 employees. The predecessor of the company was Tianyu Hardware ( founded in 2003 in Shatian Town, Dongguan City) and Yulong Mould & Hardware (established in 2008 in Wangniudun Town, Dongguan City) is its sister factory. Up to date, the factory has accumulated more than 10 years manufacturing and management experiences in precision casting industry.

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What We can Do

  • We adopt advanced lost wax silica sol precision casting technology

  • Can produce & analyze various kinds of stainless steel, nickel based alloys, cobalt based alloys, low to high carbon steel, low to high alloy steel, heat-resistant steel and tool steel and other metal parts

  • Can produce parts with complex structure with high accuracy, thus post treatment cost can be reduced

  • Single part weight from 1g to 20Kg; For special product, it can be up to 50KG

  • Surface roughness: Ra3.2-6.3, maximum of Ra1.6

  • Minimum of wall thickness can reach 0.8mm

  • Max Overall Dimensions: 550*350*250mm

  • External round corner ≤0.3mm, inner fillet≥ 0.5mm

  • Monthly output: maximum of 100 tons.

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